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Couched with Cable

Cable tv is for homeowners :)

We have had cable television for about a month now, which feels like complete luxury. For years, we were without channels because we chose not to convert our boat tv over to digital, and we relied on Netflix for our shows and movies. Now in a house, feeling the need for home internet because I teach online classes, the best deal was a cable / internet package. A package of full entertainment! I have been blessed with channels like Bravo, E!, and Comedy Central. I have learned so much from the shows my husband chooses, especially "I Shouldn't Be Alive." If I'm ever trapped in the Amazon rainforest (because I willingly decided to vacation there)I'll know what to do. Thank goodness.

Yet, after a month, I'm feeling the need to turn off the tube. Although I love every single episode of the silly "Real Housewives" we really are watching too much tv. It's on all the time, and I'm scared that the quality time my husband and I have will (too often) be spent in front of the tv - watching it instead of eachother. My goal is to get some projects or activities going that will get us outside or at least off the couch, and get us soaking up the greatness in our real life together. TV isn't something we need, it's just an upgrade in our new life on land. 

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