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Spring Sail

Wish I would have had a camera to capture what I saw on the dock last night. A liveaboard friend of ours, at sunset, met my husband and I after a sunset sail. Our friend was wearing (1) thick black rimmed eyglasses, (2) plaid pajama pants, (3) gray tanktop, (4) lime green Croc shoes, and (5) a messy "I've worked on the boat all day," hairdo. The sun had set, leaving a pink, purple, and orange sun behind, as we caught up with our friend who was dressed perfectly for a relaxing Friday night on the dock. As the chilly breeze weaved through our conversation, I remembered what it was like on these nights for me. After arrived back after a sail, my husband would hook up the power, clean up the cockpit, and I would be down below getting supper on (wearing my pj's and slippers). A chilly spring night, after sailing, is perfect for heading into the boat, cuddling up with a warm meal and a drink. I loved seeing our friend dressed for the occasion, and a bit of me yearned to again for life on the dock. 

I'm blessed to still get out on the water, and here's some pictures from our sail last night - very pretty on the Potomac. 

Okay, maybe he's still a bit of a boat dog :)

Surfing on a crab pot - cool bird :)

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