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Dishwasher vs. By Hand

In an attempt to continue being kind to the earth, I've tried to find information about which really consumes less water - washing dishes by hand or using the dishwasher. 

My eco-friendly sources tell me that the dishwasher does use less water. Also, a post on Facebook yesterday (which may be reliable) stated that this nugget of information is true only if when washing dishes by hand the water runs constantly. 

When we lived aboard, our water supply was contained in a water tank and there was only so much before we would have to run a hose to the tank and refill. Therefore, doing the dishes had to be done mindfully, using only what water was needed right at the moment. My routine utilized the two small sinks for water-friendly washing. Right side of the sink was was for soaping and washing (with water off) and the left side was for rinsing (water on). The counter even further to the left was the drying area (no rack).

Sink aboard "Doggie Paddle"
So, since it takes a really long time to make a full load of dishes, I'm going to back boat-style washing. I've been revisiting our old routing: (1) soap up and sit, (2) full rinse, and (3) use the dishwasher as a drying rack. It's easier, uses less water and electricity, and makes me feel like I've discovered a genius never-before-seen way to utilize the dishwasher. Quite a fancy dish rack!

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