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Toxin To-do List

In reading more about everyday toxins, here are the things that I think I can do or look in to doing (and some I already do - yay). There's research to support the claim that environmental toxins make us sick, a little bit or a lot : 
  • water purifier for drinking water (I use a Brita pitcher)
  • water purifying showerhead 
  • air purifier
  • use and buy food only in glass containers (chemicals leak into food from plastic or metal containers)
  • test faucet water for chemicals (she recommends
  • eat and drink only organic foods and beverages (I try to do this as much as I can... and afford!)
  • limit or totally avoid all "white" foods: flour, sugar, dairy products
  • more fruits and vegetables
  • large amounts of pure water and organic juices (I'd like to start juicing again) and herbal teas, only in glass
  • eat "real" foods (our government, unlike Europe, does not regulate genetically modified foods so there are no required labels to tell you what is or not altered (Rapp, p.65))
  • avoid natural gas heat in kitchen stoves, hot water heaters and furnaces (these are what I have, but I use my Flavorwave cooker quite often - electric)
  • Use only natural cleaning products (I like the ones for sale at Target)
  • Natural personal cosmetics and body preparations (I'd like to start making my own body stuffs, since I have a kitchen.. .my husband will be so happy...)
  • Do not microwave any food or beverage
  • Everything electrical should be as far from your bed as practical, or everything should be unplugged at night (exposure to electromagnetic energy (EM) can cause problems from simple tingling to epilepsy (Rapp, p.85)
I've also checked out the American Academy of Environmental Medicine to see where environmental doctors are located in my area - not many!

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