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Shower Success

Weary of too-long showers in my very own bathtub, I set my timer for five minutes to see whether or not I could do all of my cleaning tasks in that amount of time. Why five minutes? Online sites sell timers for five minutes, so that must be the right amount of time for an environmentally friendly shower. Yes?

Less consuming, more creating, so I created my own shower timer with the watch I wear on my left wrist each day (although I think it's cute that one can suction a sand timer to the inside of the shower).

This five minute showering wasn't difficult, so I think that I may be a quick showerer anyway. Our first water bill arrived yesterday, and to our surprise, it wasn't outrageous and was under $100. I feel good feeling that we have been doing a good job responsibly using our home resources, and not being wasteful (which was my big worry about moving to land). So, today, I celebrate cleanliness and my ability to get clean quickly!

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stop flushing the toilets........


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