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Using the Provisions

True, pizza may not be a "staple" on-board, however making it from scratch brings back some memories of truly homemade dishes from the boat. Each Friday night, the guys who were down at their boats usually came over for dinner. In the warm spring and fall, and "cool enough" summer, dinner would take place in the cockpit of our 35.5, me passing up dishes and drinks from the galley. Sometimes, we would be out on the water or on the hook, but usually we were in our slip sitting up top. Stories would be told and laughs would be had as the sun set over the water. As the sky turned pink to orange to that night blue, it was awesome to share a fresh boat-cooked meal with good friends. Tonight making homemade pizza sauce takes me back to those good times when I made good food from the provisions we had on-hand in the boat. Although anyone can buy a can or jar of pizza sauce, I've had a better experience making and measuring it out myself.

A Huge Batch of Pizza Sauce (revision from the online recipe), which tonight will serve many

8-6oz cans of tomato paste
8-6oz of warm water (in a measuring cup, I did 16 oz three times)
24 oz of parmesan cheese 
6 tbsp. of honey
6 tbsp. of Penzey's ( Pizza Seasoning (garlic, onion, oregano, black pepper, cayenne, red pepper)
1 tbsp. of garlic powder

Mix the wet (tomato paste, warm water, then honey) with a whisk until smooth. 
Let sit for 30 minutes. 
When ready, add in the parm. cheese. 
Then put on pizza dough, bake, and enjoy.

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Lingering Liveaboard said...

This recipe made SO much sauce. I have two large glass dishes full in my fridge (which could probably make many, many homemade meals). I suggest that this full recipe be made if, (1) you are a pizza lover and will make something pizza-ish each day, or (2) have a huge party and pizzas are what you are making!

BTW, we did some calzones with the sauce and my husband loved this sauce in them :)