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Statistics show, "the more birthdays you have, the longer you live." Astounding. What does this mean? This means that birthdays really should be celebrated to the fullest, in small and big ways.

Today is my best friend's birthday, and here's what I think she should do today:
(1) make that strong and sweet coffee and sip it slowly
(2) hug each of your girls for three minutes straight
(3) take out your photo albums, look through each one slowly, as you make a list in your journal about how many experiences, people, and things you are so grateful for having had in your life
(4) take a walk with your camera (and girls) and take pictures of what they find to be beautiful and post them on your blog
(5) call your parents and thank them for giving you to us
(6) enjoy your sushi tonight with your lovely  husband and friends, and make them tell you one thing that they do enjoy about you (it's not conceited, it's fun)
(7) look yourself in the mirror and notice how beautiful of a person you have become (and always have been) - we all love you very, very much!

I have another friend who told me that in South Korea, families celebrate the mother of a person who is having his or her birthday. Here is some more information on Korean traditions at:

  • Most often guests will present gifts of money, clothes, or gold rings to the parents for the child at this time.
  • With the parents seated at the main banquet table, sons and daughters, in order of age, bow and offer wine to their parents.
  • Family members and relatives indulge in various activities to make the parents feel young, often dressing like small children and dancing and singing songs.
I like the idea of involving parents in the birthday celebration. In our American culture, I have only witnessed the birthday being about the person who was born on this day; however, the person being here is because of the parents. Sadly, in our world today some people may feel compelled to argue that not all parents are to be celebrated, but those that did work hard to raise a child, gave unconditional love and support, how nice would it be (I think) to celebrate them and what they did. It's just a really nice idea.

Most of all, I really really hope my best friend takes time to celebrate all that is her. It's important :) Statistics prove it.

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Rebecca Jones said...

You are the best friend anyone could ask for. I love you!