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Organized Crafting

Before I moved to Maryland, I was a crafter. To many, especially my husband, crafts are a synonym for stuff. And stuff refers to things really not needed. Therefore, when I lived aboard my crafting activities were put on hiatus. The extent to which I "crafted" was scrapbooking, and into my journal taping cutouts from magazines and rewriting quotes in colorful pens. All could be done at Doggie Paddle's salon table and enjoyed with a glass of wine - also, things could promptly be put away in the stowaway cabinet (pictured behind the salon seat).

Now in a house, I'm able to sew again after five + years. With the birth of new family baby on the way, I have begun the baby quilt which will be my special gift. As I was sewing the other night and my husband was watching me feeding the 3 inch squares through the machine one after the other, he said, "why?" It's hard to explain to him what giving a homemade gift means to me, so I just said, "because I like it," and continued on.
Crafting again feels good, and it feels even better being organized. I have retained the liveaboard guideline that one should only have something if (1) it is useful and (2) there is a good place to keep it. For sewing supplies, of course they are useful, and the place to keep them is upstairs in the office closet (with thanks to Target for their superb organizing containers). 

 Easy come, easy go on the days that I need to sew.

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