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Toxic turn of events?

One of the things I miss most about being aboard is the constant connection with nature. Our hatch was open on sunny days, fresh breeze constantly circulated around the cabin, and multiple times a day I would climb up and out into the cockpit for some reading in the warm sun. We are always outside, or near to it, and being in a house is very different from that. Today as I type, the windows are closed, the heat is on, there is an absence of fresh air around me. 

I will open the windows, but it has gotten me thinking about how possibly our health has (and may) change because we are now "cooped-up" inside. In the recent months, my husband has developed what Johns Hopkins University hospital could only describe to him as a "visual phenomenon" (read - we don't know what causes or cures this). My husband constantly sees visual snow, and although he has had a history of migranes which could have had an effect on his optic nerves, the "snow" didn't start until a few months after we moved back to land. 

To experience visual snow:

To date, all medical tests, medicines,and specialists haven't been able to say where the snow came from or how to get rid of it. My husband has come to a place of peace with it, but because I've been reading some research from Dr. Doris Rapp (environmental medicine) I'm wondering if his vision has something to do with a toxin in the environment. Toxin is a scary word, but I really don't have another one for it! I'm just wondering if there is a chemical that we have been using or been around that has had some impact on his system. There are a few things that I, too, have been experiencing which are out of the ordinary that I wonder about now.

I'm reading Dr. Rapp's book, Our Toxic World: A Wake Up Call, and there are some things that I'm going to try to do in our house to make it chemically cleaner. Some ideas will take some getting used to, and I others I think will be easy to implement. As my husband also has been undergoing other natural therapy for his vision, I'm curious to see if we both can feel better by implementing some of Dr. Rapp's natural cures.

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