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A galaxy of longing...

This week has been a galaxy of longing. Our neighbors have put up their back decks, one deck is simple wood and the other is wood sophisticated with white paint and some fancy grey bottomboards. When I peeked out of of our back doors at the new decks, my longing felt as big as a galaxy. I want a deck, too! I think of the girl in Willy Wonka - "But daddy, I want an oompa-loompa!" That's how I felt. I so badly want to sit outside, on a deck, in a deck chair, and read. 

I wonder how people younger than us can afford a new house, new deck, and brand-new cars. We can't. I sit every other Friday in front of my pay day spreadsheet, meticulously deciding where each dollar needs to go. I do have some credit card debt that takes money each pay day, and as I look at our other expenses I realize that our pay moves a bit differently than my neighbors'. I begin to self-talk myself. It really comes down to choices, and this year we have made certain choices with our money that create outputs that currently cannot include a deck. 

Our choices come from what we value. I like Suze Orman's thinking - people first, money second, things last. I try to remember this when the wants hit. My husband is my number one person and then my family and close friends. Am I doing things that suit all of our needs? My husband and I miss our boat days, so we did purchase our little new-to-us boat, Fast Eddie. There goes deck money, but here comes life on the dock. Again, we'll have marina sunsets, our dog running up and down the pier, and overnight cruises where on the hook the water rocks us to sleep. 

We also decided to use potential deck money for a bathroom on our first floor. This bathroom will allow our family to have a private area during, what we hope, will be long visits. Another perk to dirt dwelling is that our out-of-town family and friends have a place with us to stay. This will provide us with good times, laughs, and memories. 

So my personalized self-talking therapy has made me okay with being deck-less, as I see how what we have chosen to buy will end up being priceless. Doing is more memorable than having, and I'm really looking forward to what we will be able to do with our family and friends this year. We've made the right choices, for us and where we are right now. I'll be sure to tell myself this went the deck-wants hit again.

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