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Crayon Roll

The sewing machine will not have been purchased in vain! I am dedicated to making some very useful things with my new machine, and today I attempted (successfully) to make a crayon roll. 

It's a handy dandy little contraption for carrying around crayons - which, I think, would be useful for a young colorer for trips, visits, and when crayons need to be put in a backpack (which can act like a black hole). After this first practice, I plan to make one for myself, pen-size. I have so many pens floating around my office, purse, work bags, etc. that this would help me stay organized and know where my favorite pens are. 

Thanks to this blogger/crafter for her so specific and visual tutorial on how to make a crayon roll:  For the fastener, this tutorial suggested an elastic hair tye for securing. Very good idea, as I have many not being used.

My inaugural roll is going to hold my longer sewing tools that would otherwise get lost. See, my sewing will help me become more organized and will keep my husband happy that I have resurrected this hobby - without clutter. 

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