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Come On, Irene...

Hurricane Irene is headed her way to the east coast and southern Maryland. We now, at Friday afternoon, have an official hurricane warning and will expect the arrival of Irene tomorrow afternoon.

Latest projection: 

We have been in close contact with our live aboard friends who have spent today and many days up to now planning how to prepare for the storm. Their decision has been whether or not to stay put in the marina, haul the boat out of the water, or head up the creek and find a hurricane hole where many anchors will hold the boat down through the storm. To further illustrate their decisions this week, the first mate said, "... and from there we can tie ourselves to trees if need be..." 

Safe at home, we have stocked candles, food, batteries, and water. Our county has told us to be ready to be on our own for at least 72 hours and we have prepared for longer than that.

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