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Oh, Brother

It has been YEARS since I have used a sewing machine. A rocking boat wasn't the best foundation for sewing projects and the sewing machine wouldn't fit in any of our storage spaces. After a miserable attempt at trying to sew new slipcovers for our cabin cushions, the Fashion Pro sewing machine went away....until recently. 
A new baby in the family will soon be here and a quilt was in order. Homemade heartfelt gifts are the best; especially those that are useful. Hopefully, this quilt will provide a soft place for Karsen to learn to roll over or a warm cover on a chilly night.

Being back with stitching felt good, too. Before I moved south, I would spend hours with NPR on the radio, a good strong latte, and sew useful gifts for family and friends. As a college student and employed full-time, the nights of sewing alone provided welcomed seclusion and relaxation.

All was going really well, until, the stitches became loose, fabric glumped up inside the bobbin. The next step is quilting and I made the decision to rest the Fashion Pro and invest in a new machine. After reading many reviews, the Brother CS-6000i seemed a reasonably priced and sufficient machine for me, a returning quilter. So, I ordered it  and when it came - oh my! I realize that keeping my liveaboard lifestyle afloat doesn't (or shouldn't involve) buying stuff, but I can't help the excitement I feel using this new machine. I will examine my landlubber need for stuff in future posts. For now, I will just admire....
If you sew, read on... if not, shake your head in disappointment that I am slightly straying from the theme of this blog. 

There are 59 stitches: including, leaf, curves, and many buttonhole options. So nice for ALL of the future quilts, dresses, purses, and gifts I will sew in the future!

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