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Baby Quilt Finished

Finally, my baby cowgirl quilt is complete. It headed to Tucson yesterday via FedEx. Hopefully the soon-to-be-born baby girl will benefit from snuggling with this quilt for many years to come. I really enjoyed quilting again, especially for such a special occasion. The picture below is the quilt after basting, before putting on the binding (and Edward, my dog, is helping to hold the quilt in place).

 I also learned that seam allowances are things to be respected when sewing. I had many seams that ripped open when the quilt was washing and shrinking. Thanks to the fantastically helpful lady at Joann Fabrics who led me to do some "whip stitching" and the You Tube video tutorial which showed me how to do it (along with some very cosmic music that inspired me).

Even the husband thinks it turned out well :) 
This quilt is featured at Show and Tell Saturday:


Anonymous said...

You are talented Alison...What a beautiful never seize to amaze me...Your marker roll, crayon are so organized...Promise that sometimes you get disorganized a little...Kick your shoes around...through the pillows on the floor...have a picnic in the living room floor...etc...Make sure that you scream out least once a your blogs...and I love youuuuu...Hugssss...Aunt Tina

Kelly J said...

I love that quilt!