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5 Fine Ideas for Fall

Similar to the blogger, Randy Taran, I see the fall as a time for new beginnings. Maybe it is because school begins in the fall, and I was one of those children who excitedly perused the aisles of school supplies early in August each year. I still have a passion for paper and pens, and for new beginnings. Change is exciting, to me, and that's why I really enjoyed the piece, Five Steps to Happiness, by Randy T.

Although difficult in practice, I do subscribe to the belief that we are what we think. We can think ourselves anywhere and toward becoming anything we want to be. Any situation can be changed through our thoughts. Again, difficult in practice! Yet the above article by Randy gives some good advice for beginning to change our ways.

A highlight is the quote: "If you chase two rabbits, both will escape". Wow - focus on one thing. Focus on one big goal or just focus on one thing at a time. Although simple, it's really good advice and the perfect way to begin anew this fall.

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