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I've decided to learn a little something about how much I eat. My employer offers Weight Watchers and I decided to join. I'm happy with me, but honestly, dreading the day jeans are washed because I know how I'm going to have to stretch them out a bit for them to be comfortable, has become a bit old. So, I joined and have been watching my "points" each day and in conjunction, choosing what I eat in a different manner.

I've learned that I don't have to eat all of the bread (especially when it's deep fried and then served with maple butter) when I really want to have the Lobster Bisque. Just little differences this week helped me to shed 2.4 pounds, which is a small celebration - especially when I feel like I'm not starving myself. And, after eating my bowl of Lobster Bisque at lunch yesterday, I didn't even feel the need to unbutton my jeans and latch the snap with my hair tie (which, sadly, had become normal habit).

One website has been a nice help: Gina's Skinny Taste. Along with great recipes, she has already calculated the Weight Watchers points for me and other people who refuse to give up good, tasy cooking. FYI - I have 29 points each day, and you'll be able to judge a recipe by it's points value. These are really good recipes and not so bad for you.

Tonight, I think we're making her Spinach Lasagna Rolls for our friends, Mike, Kelly, and Jason. I'll add meat somewhere for my carnivore husband, but otherwise, I'll enjoy the cooking, the eating, and my pants fitting just right.  

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Anonymous said...

Hi there - I just caught up with all your posts and laughed aloud at your saying Sean has "ninja like skills" when going with you to pick up "craigs list" items:)

I think of you both often even though you don't hear from me often!
Aunt Cathy Hunter