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Scientifically Special

At the marinas we used to visit, there would be a crusier's hideaway of sorts, complete with bathrooms (yay!), couches, tv, magazines, and my favorite, a bookshelf with books available under the 'read and return' policy. In the town that housed our home marina, there was a small local grocery that, too, had the same kind of bookshelf. Patrons would bring in used books and leave them for new readers. Not only could I buy provisions, but for free, I could expand my mind.

With bookshelves of books, I can't help myself. That is why when I began attending classes at my local healing center, the tall bookshelf tucked away in the dining room caught my attention. To my delight, there was a hand-written sign informing me that I could take any of the books home, read and enjoy them, and bring them back when I was ready. Even better was that I was in a healing center, so the books to borrow were of a collection of my favorite topics: spirituality, simplicity, peace, the divine. I chose,  The Divine Code of Life by Kazuo Murakami, Ph.D.
The Dalai Lama (Himself) recommended this book, so I thought that it would be a good read. It is. The book is based on gene research, specifically in the realm of spirit and the ability to reprogram genes from negative to positive.

I especially like this passage, which made me feel quite special. It's on page xx. (Yes, I'm only in the Introducation and I'm already posting about it.)

But there is another piece of the picture that intrigues scientists like myself. Who wrote this amazing [genetic] code in the first place? Human beings could not possibly have created the genetic code, but does that mean that it happended spontaneously? After all, the ingredients neccessary for life abound in the natural world.

In my opinion, life cannot be the result of mere coincidence. If that were true, a car should be able to assemble itself spontaneously as long as all the requisite parts are gathered together in one spot. We know that this does not happen. Some greater being must be behind this, a force that transcends human understanding.

And, I like this, too (on page xix):

For any one child, there are seventy trillion possible combinations of genes....look at it this way: You exist becuase you just happened to be chosen from seventy trillion possibilities. That is how special you are.

Love that - every one is special. Proven by science :)

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