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Weekends are for Crafting

If and when I move back on a boat, I might have to open a craft shop at the marina or figure out how to have a sewing machine on a boat. I've really enjoyed quiet crafting time the past few weeks.  

This is a baby quilt for my soon-to-be-born niece, Ashlee. I chose the farm print from a cute shop in downtown Annapolis, Cottonseed Glory Quilt Shop . There were so many fabrics to choose from, and I ended up with this farm patter which I think is really darling. The quilt ended up sort of small, but I think it will be helpful over a stroller or carseat during those long and tough Michigan winters.

Apron attempt (learned how to do apron straps, but not much else):

Another marker roll. This time for Sawyer, with Princess and the Frog fabric and a button with her initial: 

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